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Is there any chance the heading for the lower list  currently headed
"Challenges signed (but not yet logged as found)" 
be changed to
"Challenges with a note added" 

as the majority of my list are NOT signed caches (I have 174 in the list - and probably only 10 of those are signed but yet to qualify)  
I am sure I am not alone with this as I know many cachers have checked various challenges around their own country and added notes with their qualifying lists and these appear on this list - thus the opposite of the current heading. 

My list in fact consists of 3 categories
1. Signed but not qualified 
2. Qualified but not found (note added with qualifying list) 
3. My own caches - various notes added over time 

Thus the current search is not disseminating to just 1. which is the heading category.

Thank you 

in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
Challenges that you own are not supposed to be listed. Do you have an actual example of that?
A cache I owned but has been adopted to another - but of course has my CO notes all over it for years
I agree this would come up on the list as technically no longer mine - but another example of 'not found - but note logs are present'
That aside - that leaves 163 caches in my list that are not 'signed but not qualified' - it is nice having a list of ones I have found so I can see that when I do qualify I can tick them off - but have to wade through everything else to find them - there is no dissemination
I agree that for me it is very rare to sign a log before I have qualified - I tend to take the (controversial?) attitude that you should only sign it if you have met the logging requirements (or are right on top of it anyway). The a good proportion are therefore write notes showing workings on qualifications (e.g. to lock the qualification in). As deepdiggingmole says just renaming the field is sufficient, the tool is still useful to have.
This may be impractical but there is a possibility to tag each note with "All noted challenges which aren't logged or owned are listed. For exclusion they can be tagged in the logs with [NOT-SIGNED]." Perhasp PGC could come up with a exclusion list similar to the one used for FTF.
The point about writing [NOT SIGNED] in a log to exclude it from this list is all well and good - however I have done this to a few of the caches on my list to check and they are still there - so it seems putting this on your log does not guarantee getting them removed from that list :-(
Archived caches appear on my list too - I found one that was archived 6 weeks ago.
This is my whole point about the benefit of this list - I have to go through each one individually to ascertain whether I have signed but not qualified, qualified but not found etc etc and now to see if it is still available - I am not able to edit the list to remove those that I dont need

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