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The Geocache Find counts at the top of the MAP tab in the Profile Stats double counts Lab caches.

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The Geocache Find counts at the top of the MAP tab in the Profile Stats includes Lab caches on the top line (which the other tabs do not).  It then says "plus XX Lab caches" and then shows an erroneous total that double counts the Lab caches.    Note: this is not on the public version that you include in on the profile page.   This is on the private version.
asked Feb 16, 2018 in Bug reports by Starkacher (1,310 points)
edited Feb 17, 2018 by Starkacher

2 Answers

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I see there just the following as always:

Jakuje has 4763 finds on 4763 unique geocaches,
including 49 lab caches

Do you use US English language?

answered Feb 17, 2018 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,990 points)
I assume you are saying your counts are correct.     Are you looking on the screen I provided the link to.    I have now included two links to be able to compare your stats.    I do not see how I can attach images to actually show my stats.
Yes, I am looking to the links you provided and the numbers and strings matches there for me. That is why I ask about language, since there might be some difference. Are you a paying member?
I did not notice that question.   Yes I have the little USA flag on the top bar.    I was a paying member but it expired a few months ago, so I am no longer.   I forgot that there is an extra tab for paying members now.   The interesting thing is that the issue appears to have been corrected.  When I responded 13 or so hours ago, it was still showing the wrong info using the links I included.  I captured the image but could not attach it here.   I have uploaded that image to Dropbox and here is a link to it.     3:10 am EST with bad counts:
4:03 PM EST with good counts:
Something must have changed.   As you have suggested, since you were using the same link before, there must have been a difference (likely paid/not paid) between you and I.   One other thing that I notice now that I am comparing the Good and Bad version.  On the good version (and the other tabs), when the Tab is selected, the Tab does not have arrows next to the name while all the others do.   On the bad Map data version, The Map tab had the arrows and the rest did not?   Perhaps that is a clue?
Hard to say. It was probably some problem with transition from non-paying to paying member, where one of them automatically includes the challenges and the other can just list them in the header.
I can not say if something was fixed or not, but I am glad it resolved itself.
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If you have Lab caches, Compare the Cache find counts on these two screens.


answered Feb 17, 2018 by Starkacher (1,310 points)
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