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is there a possibilty to add an additional filter on the "hidden month map", where I can choose the cache types of input/found caches? We have several challenges (GC4NNQD or GC1YG85) which are fulfilled only if the matrix complete filled with "physical" caches (no virtual, EC). At the moment I couldn't see an automatic way to determine in which month I have to find a traditional cache.

Thanks a lot

in Feature requests by smellfooth (4.4k points)
I agree that it would be interesting. A function like the "D/T type/size" on the Map D/T matrix function, where you can choose or exclude multiple cache types.

1 Answer

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There is a such filter on .
To chose several types of caches use Ctrl and click cache-types of your choosing.

Note that some filters may only be available to paying members.
by -Beast- (310 points)