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0 votes
My daughter (Zapppa_girl) has got somehow now been determined to no longer be located at here home area and is not registered when showing statistics with “Show only people from”.

I have not been able to determine where she is considered to be from, but she has mostly logged caches during trips so any automatic calculation based on where logging is done will most likely be wrong.

Can this be corrected manually in some way?
in Support and help by jobêr (520 points)

2 Answers

+4 votes
Just let her login to project-gc, open Settings (under her name on the top right corner), scroll to "Home location" and select the correct ones under "Country (manual override)" and "Region (manual override)".

In the field above it, you will also see the automatically determined Country and Region.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Doesnt seemes to make any difference.
+1 vote
As far as where project-gc thinks she is from, it's not hard to determine -- she has more finds on the UK (271) than in Sweden (64), so project-gc assumes she's based in the UK.
by hzoi (8.0k points)
It is very nice, but it does not answer the question. If you want to let the original poster to know your findings, please, use the comments section.
Part of the original post was, "I have not been able to determine where she is considered to be from."  I answered it.  But thanks for your comment.
OK. Makes sense. Thank you for clarification.