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+5 votes
in Miscellaneous by Obsyd (440 points)
The search you must use, young Padawan.

14 Answers

+1 vote
I can't name one thing, because there are several functions I like a lot. Of course the extensive statistics, but also the D/T-search-tool and the challenge checkers. And I like also the different possibilities to look for good caches in regions other than the home zone.
by tadaima (12.5k points)
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by k+gw+a (12.6k points)
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my preference on project gc is to propose challenge verifiers that propose a new form of geocache, with a challenge, a condition that requires finding different types to increase our motivation ... for me it is these challenge checkers the most interesting ... and thank you again for this question and for the directors of the auditors!  ... traduit par google translat du francais :

ma préférence sur project gc c'est de proposer des vérificateurs de challenge qui propose une nouvelle forme de géocache, avec un défi, une condition qui oblige a trouver des types différents pour augmenter nos motivations ... pour moi ce sont ces vérificateurs de challenges les plus interessant ... et encore merci pour cette question et pour les réalisateurs des vérificateurs !

by Chup'a (11.2k points)
0 votes

We asked this same question just over a year ago, and it's still relevant today, as so many new people have joined in Project-GC since then, and they don't always want to trawl through old answers, which is understandable. 

We haven't really changed our favourites - we still love going to events and then planning a whole caching day or trip around it, before, after or both. So our favourites are Live Maps, VGPS, Event Notifiers, Route Builders and lots more here at Project-GC to make it a great day(s). We always like to use Challenge Checkers too to see which caches we might qualify for in the area we are visiting.

by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
0 votes

Well, I was checking my belt and badge status every day, watching our progress. Now achieved golden-black belt. So that is tapering.  Still watch badge progress.

We also enjoy challenge caches, so use the challenge checkers.

But, my favorite is probably the search capabilities. Searching for caches to fulfill challenges, or nearby webcams, or.....????
by Blues Crew (2.4k points)
0 votes
As most users (I presume) I like the profile stats and the badgenerator most.

I also tend to use the challenge checkers, but not much that I qualify for yet.
The D/T matrix map is also nice since I'm starting to think about completing the matrix.
by Sportilicious (1.9k points)
0 votes
Projet-GC is awesome on so many level. Stat creation is definitely up there but the challenges checker is not far behind as I find myself qualifying for more of them now that I have a few years behind me in the hobby. The introduction of the Challenge tab also help in managing cache where you signed the log but did not yet qualify. I guess I gave 3 favorites......
by JS&SV (1.7k points)
0 votes
Literaly everything. It has added a whole new level to caching. We love he fact that it is also constantly updated and improved
by NSCR (4.5k points)
0 votes
I love to see my belt grow with me. For me is our geocaching level
by Riccardo98 (1.4k points)
0 votes
When I started I mostly looked @ the general stats en was the badgegen my favorite option by far. (prolly still is)

But as I grew bit by bit I started to discover other things such as de D/T matrix map and the possibility to filter & thus compare stats with other (known) cachers. (Maybe it would be nice to see this feature more as a product comparison as you get in webshops.)

In the future the challenge checkers will become more important to me...
And I also like the FTF list
by Sportilicious (1.9k points)
0 votes
I like looking at my stats lol
by VDotM (1.7k points)
0 votes
As a Geocacher who loves statistics, this site was a hidden gem when I discovered it. I'm glad that many people have since gotten on board and are able to enjoy this excellent resource too. A big thanks to the PGC team who constantly maintain and improve the site.
by Potatonator (11.3k points)
0 votes

The profile stats and the badgenerator and a lot of other statistics like FTF. I also like to use the different search options like searching caches with specific attributes

by TeamM2M (980 points)
–3 votes
Hmmmm.... it is very interesant
by medvedzl (1.8k points)
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