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–1 vote
I keep a bookmark list of my FTFs that is "shared" so that anybody can see it by clicking on the link in my GC profile, but it's not "public". I don't see a need to have the bookmark list appear on every cache page in the list, as I'm not looking for attention or any kind of recognition. I'd just like to see the FTF numbers in my stats. I know that the cache logs could be tagged so that the bookmark list isn't necessary, but I don't want to go back and edit hundreds of cache logs to put the FTF tags in them.

Could it be changed so that the bookmark lists only have to be "shared" and not require them to be "public"? Since shared lists are accessible to anyone, I can't see there being an issue with doing this.

in Feature requests by Aquacache (110 points)
edited by Aquacache
This is my first comment in the Feature Requests. Does the lack of a response mean that there's no chance of the feature being implemented?

2 Answers

0 votes
I used to have my FTF list set up so that it was shared only, and it worked ok for me. Try it and see!
by Optimist on the run (Expert) (18.7k points)
If it's shared only, it doesn't show up in the list to select in your settings.
–3 votes
thanks from your answer
by medvedzl (1.8k points)
Dude.  Say something, or you're saying nothing.