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+8 votes
I did 2 today is that much more.
in Miscellaneous by Obsyd (440 points)

26 Answers

0 votes
Yes, I do enjoy virtual caches. In fact, I found my first one just yesterday! There consent is pretty similar to earth caches though (Not neccaserly a bad thing).
by VDotM (1.7k points)
0 votes
Yes, I like visit virtual caches, especially, when they show me beautiful places.
by Stasiu72 (850 points)
0 votes
I like the old ones however mostly before the new came around - when it was an old and rare type.

The new batch not so much as most are quite uninteresting and placed where a physical cache could have been instead - and for most of those new ones I've found there is a physical cache at the same spot or close by.

It also seems like most of the new virtual COs have placed them just because they can and haven't put much thought into them.

I do log them when I have the chance though and will be logging at least another 3 or 4 this upcoming weekend.
by IsabellaMolly (980 points)
edited by IsabellaMolly
0 votes
Yes, we like them a lot, when they are managed properly. If a CO is no longer going to be active, the Virtuall cache should be archived or adopted. As others have said, they are a different twist on the basic game. So are earthcaches, or letterboxes, or mystery(puzzle) caches. But that is what makes it fun. We love this activity for what it brings to our lives. Getting outdoors for some exercise, meeting new frinds, taking us to places that we would never of thought of going to. A well done virtual will take you to places where a traditional is not acceptable. They can teach us some history, or show us interesting tourist locations.

by Blues Crew (2.4k points)
–8 votes
 I did 5 today is that much more
by medvedzl (1.8k points)
I am not completely sure what you want to say by this. If you would like to amend your question, there is an Edit button just under it. If you wanted to answer your question, this is really not saying anything about how you like virtual caches ...
–14 votes
So yes, I like them from time to time, but they are somehow different game. It is great that they were partially resurrected by groudspeak and also good that they are limited in the way they are.
by medvedzl (1.8k points)
reshown by medvedzl
Please, do not provide copy&paste answers. They do not help anyone either.
Come on, medvedzl.  You'll get those PGC points eventually by actually saying something.  No need to rush it.