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in Miscellaneous by DittosMom (140 points)
GC1NY0V is a challenge to log the caches on the same day as the FTF. and the checker system cant check for that. Please post a correct GCcode, A have a checker that probiby can be used
Actually, I was trying to keep my question simple.  I realize that the challenge is for the "birthday" of the FTF date....but around here, the publish date and the FTF date are 99% of the time, the same date. So just having a checker for the published birthday would give me what I need. do you have something for that?
my script can check finds on the birthday of the last published date. Not includeing 0 years old.

But are you sure that is the requirement?  My read of the requirement are that you shall log the cache on the same day as the FTF or the publish date whichever are later.

I would not tag my script on the challenge with the assumption the cache are FTF:ed on the publish date if it is ok to log on the birthday of the FTF
I suspect a significant number of cacher are published before midnight and FTF the next day or are unknown that are not solved on the same day

There will be a significant number of false negative and positive from a checker like that. Use the "Forgotten FTFs?" tool if a log on the same day as the FTF are required

1 Answer

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Yes, there is.  GC4MGYK is a "Cache Birthday Challenge" and there is a checker for it that can be found at:

Alternatively, you can search the checkers by entering that GC number or "birthday" in the search field.




by Hunt-n-Jeep (1.0k points)