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+2 votes
The site/API has recently appeared to stabilize around the Corrected Coordinates data field and supporting corrected coordinates across cache types.

Some apps and some sites such as PGC have supported specifying corrected coordinates in the personal cache note. It might be nice now to update the formal GC Corrected Coordinates data field for those caches.

Please consider an option via a VGPS to update corrected coordinates for the caches that contain them. I suggest a flow such as to find all a users solved caches which are not yet found, owned or disabled. They can be added to a new VGPS (all or as many as the user wants), and then on the page and under the Export drop-down, have an option to Update Corrected Coordinate.

Does that seem like a useful feature for PGC users?
in Feature requests by Team DEMP (1.4k points)
I have added this to the long list of bookmarked useful inputs. Things we would like to implement that is.
PS! Some geocaching applications read the personal cache note for coordinates themselves as well.
Thanks for adding to the list.

I'm aware there are apps that do all the coding/parsing of the field also looking for coords. It's usually not because the app wants to, but from request/pressure of users that have workflows and were previously reliant on that unstructured approach. Thanks again!!

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