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+1 vote
I wondered if I could edit my online log @ GC4C35. Unfortunately this cache appears to be locked and I am not able to edit/change my log. Are there any ways to do so? Thanks for your support!
in Support and help by Duo Baculi (270 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

It's possible, but complicated, to edit a log on a locked cache.  Or to even log a find - if you have a good enough reason. 

You would need to contact a reviewer (the one who locked it would be a good start) or the Groundspeak help center and explain what you needed to do and why.  As with most requests for exception to policy, the more details you give, the greater your chance of approval.  Also, be patient - there are only so many reviewers and lackeys, and they get a lot of requests from a lot of geocachers.

If approved, you'll likely get a time window to make the changes before the cache is locked again.

by hzoi (7.7k points)
I got this answer from Groundspeak HQ:

We never unlock geocaches for any reason. Therefore we cannot allow you to edit your log on that geocache.

That's unfortunate.  I was under the impression that a lock could be lifted in cases.  Apparently I was either misinformed or the rule changed.
0 votes
That a cache is archived is no hindrance to logging it or editing existing logs. If, however, a cache is locked you can NOT create new logs or modify existing ones.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (157k points)
edited by Jakuje (Moderator)
0 votes
This was a travelling cache (The Cuckoo Cache) which was archived when wide-ranging changes were made last year by Groundspeak. Another one was Ye Ole Survey Monuments cache:

which was another travelling virtual cache archived at the same time. Unlike most archived caches, these two were locked, and no-one can alter their past logs or add any logs.
by GCZ Team (20.1k points)
I think they locked all active (known) traveling caches at the same time as they got archived some time back (with an offer to convert to a special trackable).