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+1 vote
While using I experience an error message (after a while of waiting) "Unknown Error".

It does not happen in all cases, e.g. if I limit the search to cachers from "Germany" it returns a result, but limiting to cachers from "USA" or even without any filter it returns this unknown error.
in Bug reports by Lineflyer (4.5k points)
Please, share the whole error you are getting. Both Czechia and US works fine for me.
It is a popup window of my browser with plainly: returned: Unknown error

On the page itself there is still the normal progress indication but no result even after 10 minutes.
It takes time, but I still see the correct result with US. Do you have some other filters on?
I will try again asap and report back.
Just retried and worked for me (Firefox 52.7.3 under openSUSE Leap 42.3)
This fault is still occurring. I tried with just people from New Zealand and it works fine. But for whole of world it fails. Does the query simply run out of time? No other filters.

3 Answers

0 votes
I tried the same with a lot of countries, and they all work fine. But I always get the same error message if I take the whole world.
I wonder if there can be a logical error: If it counts only other countries, that means all countries except your own, that this may cause a problem if it does not know which country to except.
by Y? O! (580 points)
0 votes
I was a bit surprised by the numbers on the top lists, they were much lower than expected. Geocaching has not been around for more than 18 years, and travelling around the whole world is expensive, but I had expected some should look for the top here.
The by far highest numbers I have found so far is from Germany, the top is 141 and there are five above 130. Sweden has one at 121, the next at 92. From US only five has reached 100, and the top is 112. From Norway (my country) the top is 83, and he/she is 15 above # 2 on the list. In Spain the top three is 70, 67, 46.
By the way; The top from the Vatican is 1...
by Y? O! (580 points)
0 votes

I get the following error when trying in Chrome: returned: Unknown error

by ormustr (4.0k points)