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+1 vote
How do I add routes to my drop down list for the Route Filter option? They seem to pull from the pocket query Routes but not all of mine are listed.
in Support and help by tumbleweed42 (840 points)
This route filter is great! I didn't know about it until I saw this question! Thanks for posting it! Another great tool for routes is They now also have an app (Android) wich can download your route so you can click your cache one by one in the order you decided on your tour

1 Answer

0 votes
They are not pulled from Pocket Queries, but built on PGC directly. If you click on your name in the right top corner, there is option "Route Builder":

Here you can create a new routes.

Note, that this is paying members feature.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
I have created a route. How do I get caches on it? I am searching help and these forums to no avail.
Open whatever tool you want and use the "Route" filter. The easiest thing is on the Map Compare tool (where you actually do not have to compare against anyone).