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map compare with POI as center location doesn't find anything [closed]

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Using Map Compare, I sometimes use its attribute "Center Location" with a radius. I now found out, that when the named Center (typing will find it) is not a city or the like, but a POI, I get no caches then. Using the city nearby presents a lot of caches.

Example (by typing the location into the adequate field):

Call "Map Compare" from menu, fill "Profile Name" adequately, Cache location's Country (i.e Germany)
Select "Show: None found, One found"

Add Filter "Center/radius (km)", fill "Radius" e.g. 50

Fill "Center" with "Boglerhaus...." (Rest will be provided) --> press "Filter"; Result "0 Cache...." (in two lines)

Fill "Center" again now with "Friedrich-Bogler-Stra├če..." (Rest will be provided) [this is the street where Boglerhaus is located :-] )

--> press "Filter"; Result "many caches"

Any idea?
closed with the note: has been fixed
asked May 29, 2018 in Bug reports by itsbrody (2,250 points)
closed Jun 12, 2018 by itsbrody
Is anyone on Project-GC looking at this? Still BROKEN!!

1 Answer

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Best answer
We've just made changes that appear to fix this. Let us know if there are still problems.
answered Jun 11, 2018 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (147,300 points)
selected Jun 12, 2018 by itsbrody
Will check this with mentioned example and several others. Are the changes life or need I give some wait time? Could you tell what have been changed?
I've checked with PC and tablet and it's working now as expected. Thanks a lot