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+5 votes
Profile stats shows "Finders by country" under the "Hides" tab, but only shows the top 20 countries. Is there a way to see all finder countries?
in Support and help by Folboter JAF (170 points)
I think this would be a great feature to add! Adding it to the queue.

I would definitely love such a feature, too. I see a list of 20 countries, and then
"13 other nationalities have also found caches placed by Y? O!"

The lists of these 13 countries must exist somewhere, as every now and then one of the 20 countries are displaced by another. It would definitely be interesting if this list was made available. 

I think this would be a great addition. I have placed a few caches where I can get international travellers to find. Currently I have close ten% but after 20 counties I will not know which they are, only how many.

One of the delights of geocaching is caching around the world so learning about the smaller countries is just as important as the largest countries. The stats are there, just needs a way for Project GC to allow them to be displayed. As with other comments, the collated ones are useful, not for individual ones.
Bit late with the followup but it will be great to see if it gets up in future updates. Just went to 21 countries so it is worthwhile for me.
Has there been any progress on adding countries of more than 20 finders? I am up to 25 so would love to have them showing on my hide list.
Sorry Aussiebrian - the PGC admin team are a very small group - I think just two people (although I am not sure). Not only are they hard at work implementing all the great ideas that come out of this forum, they also work on the bugs, which have a higher priority, and all the normal unseen work - database maintenance, server upgrades, firewall upgrades, php upgrades, mapping system upgrades, etc, to name just a few I have seen in recent times. There is a lot of work in behind PGC to keep it running that we do not see.
Also I don't think PGC employs anyone full time - the subscription paid members pay probably only covers the datacentre costs.
To put it another way, unless this request become more popular (ie it gets a lot more upvotes) it is likely to remain low on the queue. However - it is likely this request has actually been added to the work queue, and we may see it at some point in the future.

Thanks for the feedback the Seagnoid. I appreciate the work put into Project - go.

Looks like we will have to rally the teams to upvote.

5 Answers

+3 votes

Use the Web Browser extension:

This will add a box on the bottom of the listing with all the peoples country flags, who logged your cache. For example, the cache posted by GCZ team (GC6V0YG) has the following flags:

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
This works great for individual caches! I'm glad I installed it.

But I wonder if there's a way using Project-GC to create such a list that totals all the finders of all my caches?
Oh ... that was probably again me reading the question wrong so late in the night. Indeed you can go cache by cache and calculate manually, if you are interested in all of them. Otherwise, I am not aware of any other statistics that would show more countries for all the hidden caches.
0 votes

We don't know a way of doing this using Project GC (but some of the experts might be able to help there), but we have used a flag counter to achieve this with the one cache we have which gets a lot of cachers from different countries - SideTracked Cambridge Station:

The flag counter has recorded cachers from 22 countries so far for this cache, but we have seen flag counters with far more than 22, so it should help to get you over 20.

by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
If you used some external flag counter, it does not list the finders, but the ones who loaded the page (but not necessarily found it). Some people who found the cache could use field note (before the logging redirected to the cache page) and they could have not loaded your flag counter at all. So this might be interesting, but it does not answer the question at all.
Or some people (such as me) who load your listing have disabled loading tracking and advertisement codes so I will not see either see your flag counter, nor I will be counted in.
0 votes
I had a look into the external tool GSAK because I used it in thepast and thought it  could  have something similar but it does not provide anythinglike that. And it is a strong tool with many functions...
by _Ulle_ (1.1k points)
GSAK does not know the country of the finders, unlike the Project-GC.
0 votes
I think it is worthwhile asking again if this is possible. With the increased international travel at the moment, I would live to be able to get more information about international visitors to my caches.
by Aussiebrian (700 points)
–3 votes
Look at your profile stats.

About halfway down is by country.
by sloth96 (3.8k points)
This list only the top 20 and the question is to list all of them:

1 other nationalities have also found caches placed by Jakuje