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+4 votes
For lots of us summer is up coming. And soon we are half through 2018. How are you doing with your goals for this year?

My goal is to get as many as possible of my badges up one step. Some of them I know are impossible this year, others I have to work really hard. 10 up, lots to go – as long as it is fun!!
in Miscellaneous by daffodil74 (720 points)

12 Answers

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I don't currently have much in the way of set goals. I have a couple of calendars that I'm working on but none that can be finished in the near term. I'm working on full calendar with multis but there's way too few multis around where I live that I haven't logged so it's just a matter of logging when I'm travelling and saving the few new ones around home to needed dates. I'm also working towards filling my 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th calendar loop. Since I don't have more than 5 logs on leap day, however, that will take at least two years to complete (probably even more to get to 9).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (182k points)
+1 vote

In the goals for 2018 thread I wrote the following goals:

Fill the calendar with Mysteries and Multies.

-We are closing the mystery calendar on 27th of june, We still need 53 multies, the last one is on 8th of december, so still on track for that goal. :)

Find all 81 D/T combos in 2018

So far done 51, 30 to go.

Fill the Matrix81 for the fourth time

Only 6 more combinations left.

Attend the Mega in Randers, Denmark

Already signed up for the event in august. :)

Log over 1000 caches in 2018

Currently a bit over 500 to go, so plenty of time to do that. Our goal for the Mega event weekend is to get 150-200 caches. :)

Log our 7000th cache

We are aiming to complete that on 27th of june as well. Currently around 100 to go. :)

So we are on track for our goals. We use goals to keep motivations up, and challenges are a great way to do that!

by MAS83 (2.0k points)
+1 vote
Get 1 new  country points ;)

This goal was met, we visited another country-Ukraine.
by medvedzl (1.8k points)
+1 vote

At the beginning of the year our goals for 2018 
(1) Attend 3 Mega events and organise at least 10 events (We have plans to attend three Mega events this summer, and all is on track at the moment. We hve organised 4 events in 2018 so far, so need to get going on that one)
(2) Try to hide one cache a week (on average) We have 24 caches hidden in 2018 so fairly much up to speed on that one!
(3) Aim for a karma of 1.50 (As of 11 June, we are 1.73, so very pleased with that)
(4) Complete our D/T grid the first time round, and head for a second time round as well! (On 79 at the moment with only 2 more to go, so well on track with a couple of caches lined up in the next few months to complete the grid)

by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
+1 vote

I only started in October last year so my goals are more aligned to my first 12 months of caching than the 2018 calendar year, but close enough. I have many goals at the moment, some broad and some are rather specific in order to qualify for challenge caches in my area. Here is a few of them:

Goal: Fill 50% of calendar dates in my first year

Status: On track. Currently at 42.7% (103/241) but that includes a nearly month long streak of no finds when I was new so i'm slowly pulling that back. Working on a find streak at the moment so this one should be comfortable achieved

Goal: Find at least one 5/5

Status: Achieved. Bought a yak a couple of months ago and made my first 5/5 within a week. Also have co-ords for a second one that I should find next month.

Goal: Complete 50% of my first D/T loop

Status: Almost achieved, currently at 39/81 and I would already be there if it wasnt for a couple of pesky DNF's. Have actually changed this goal to fill my first D/T loop now I have a kayak, but I dont think i will quite make this inside the first 12 months as there are 3-4 random combinations that I will have to travel to get to.

Goal: Qualify for a 15 year unloved challenge cache

Status: I can smell it. Im just days short and like the D/T would already be there if not for a DNF. Should have this knocked off next month, allowing my to find the cache as part of a mystery month challenge.

Goal: Hide a cache

Status: Achieved. Have 2 hides out that were published this month and will be taking over 2 other caches in the coming weeks. Have another 2 that are nearly ready for review and a series of around a dozen that I will work on later in the year when it gets warmer (winter here at the moment, has been nudging zero degrees celsius the last few mornings...)

by BFMC (3.6k points)
edited by BFMC
+1 vote
I agree, 2018 has been a great year so far ;)
by VDotM (1.7k points)
edited by VDotM
+1 vote
Me and my friend (a fellow geocacher) made a list of goals for 2018. It was pretty big so I can't remember all of them. Some of them are badge related, county related, there are lots of numbers on that piece of paper :). I'm sure we've completed at least half by now. 2018 has been a very successful year for me so far. I've already found 152 caches which is more than all of my years caching combined. I have discovered lots of new types of geocaches. I've met many different geocachers and have learned a lot about geocaching in general this past year. I would like to thank all of the cachers that hide caches in our communities for us to find.
by VDotM (1.7k points)
+1 vote
As usual I set a ton of goals for myself this January.

1: multis on all calendar days 366 - I fulfilled that January 13

2: 1,5/1,5 on all calendar days 366 - I still have 4 more to go - in August, October and December

3: Micros on all calendar days 366 - done! - Don't know when I made it though

4: Letterboxes on all days 1-31 - still 3 to go

5: Wherigos on all days 1-31 - done! I think it was here in June I finished

6: ECs on all days 1-31 - one day to go - the 30th

7: Virtuals on all days 1-31 - done!

8: D5s on all days 1-31 - 2 more days to go

9: 100+ finds in all months in 2018 - so far no problem!

10: Get close to 1000 finds in Sweden (I'm in Denmark) - got 665 by now

11: More countries - we're visiting Liechtenstein, Luxembourgh, Austria and France (all 4 are new to me) - and some we have been to before - this summer

12: Try to empty out the Island of Amager - a very tough job - still got more than 100 to go

and more goals have been added through the last 6 months - ie. 1-31 of all Ds and Ts (someone's got a challenge...), 366 days of regulars and small caches, 2 full months of size other (another challenge), get my 4th, 5th, 6th and maybe 7th D/T matrix done, fill my 3rd green calendar 366 days, fill my green micro calendar 366 days, fill my D2 and T2 calendars 366 days and some attributes as well. And all in all have a lot of fun while doing all this!

besides that I still work on my ongoing streak which soon turns 5 years old (in a months time), still hosting at least one event a month, still putting out a lot of new caches though fewer than last year.

All in all Things are going quite well, though many people (including my husband) think I'm crazy having all those goals!
by IsabellaMolly (980 points)
+1 vote
I have several goals - mostly linked to calendar gap filling and so wont complete until the end of the year.
Last year I managed to complete calendar grids for unknowns and multis - so a differnt selection this year
As far as how is it going - all on track, which is nice . Though a pending knee op may scupper plans for a few weeks and that is very soon - so one or two of the current goals may have to be completed next year if I dont manage them

The goals are  - calendar filling  - (x? = number of loops)
Micro x5
Small x2
Trad x10 (unfortunately Feb 29th for this goal will have to wait a couple of years)
All caches x15
Other x1

DT grid  - I am aiming for
All caches x10
I managed to complete unknown and Trad (complete grids) and only 2 left for Trad x2

I enjoy having a 'target' to reach
by Deepdiggingmole (13.7k points)
+1 vote

Most of my goals apparently involved moving to Europe, which we will do next month.  So, not yet, but soon.

I did finish my Jasmer grid and get a couple Jasmer challenges, though,  So there's that.  I didn't add any new US states and won't, either.

by hzoi (8.0k points)
0 votes
My goal is to fullfill the D/T Matrix. For that I need to travel since there are a lot of D/T combinations that are not near where I live.
by TeamM2M (980 points)
0 votes
It is currently winter in Australia.

I have been really busy this year and as a result, my geocaching find count has suffered. However, I have been making progress on some of my goals (none yet completed).
by Potatonator (11.3k points)