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0 votes
Does anybody know of a challenge checker to check if one are qualified for this? Three different icons (for example traditional,multi and unknown) where you need to have logged say at least 20 different unknown 20 days in a row,then 20 multi and then 20 traditional (doesn`t have to be these icons,they are just used as an example),also there is no need to fullfill this challenge in 60 days straight.It can be done in three periods. I don`t know if this challenge already excist,but if it doesn`t,then it might will some day. And then a checker would be great. So please,if anyone know of a checker for this,let me know.And if it don`t excist,it woud be GREAT if anyone would be able to create one!

Thanks a lot!
in Miscellaneous by janinge68 (310 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Could this be achieved by modifying the tag for the "Generic Number of caches checker" by Target?


Edit: Also, a tag could be applied for Target`s Generic streak checker ( without too much trouble. Not sure if it`s possible to merge the three tags into one and still have it check for three separate streaks.
by Solkongen (220 points)
edited by Solkongen