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I helped a friend install the web browser extension today. It was the first time she used Tamper Monkey. We installed that first. Struggled a bit to get the script installed. Finally accomplished that. When on the geocaching site, everything was enabled. Tamper Monkey showed the "1" in the red box indicating the script was being used, yet the extension features never loaded on the cache page, not even the Project-GC drop down at the top. She is a paid member.  

She had an pop-up ad blocker. No difference after turning that off and restarting the browser. I suspect there is some kind of security setting or anti-virus program that is causing the issue. Could people suggest very specifically, settings etc. to check to see what is keeping the extension script from loading.  Thanks.
in Support and help by HikingSeal (120 points)
I would check what other extensions are used in that browser. Also check if there are some issues reported in the Developer Console (Ctrl + Shift + I and then check the tab "Console").

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