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We probably all know in this site that all our data are available to anybody.

To project-GC? With the GDPR being published since months, warnings being sent, and now GDPR having law force. what are the measure effective in this site? What were/are your difficulties to fulfill this standard?

To anybody? What are counter productive effects do you incur/identify being either the owner of site, the user of data, the members of project-gc, the owner of a challenge, ..?

One exemple: Some user in asked to be totally deleted from their site: The profile is now unavailable and his found or favorite points disappear. This affects statistics, challenges or even the reading of some log sequences as some comments disappeared. Do you know other things that may be affected?
in Miscellaneous by Pepegeo (9.6k points)

1 Answer

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Project-GC's Privacy policy has been updated with  GDPR in mind. The policy is available while authenticating and all users have passed that page since the GDPR laws have gone live.

We have worked together with HQ (Groundspeak Inc) regarding privacy issues related to GDPR and one can opt-out via them ( and get the data anonymized. This will then follow through into third parties as Project-GC. Details regarding how this is handled may or may not change over time.

We also have documented procedures in place to delete data personal to the account, in case we would need it.

by magma1447 (Admin) (236k points)
selected by Pepegeo