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+1 vote
Example in my profile stats:

- The flag is missing on the "Maps" page
- The flag is missing on the "Milestone" page causing the tables to be malformed
- The badge for the country is missing in "BadgeGen"
in Bug reports by Lineflyer (4.3k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I had a similar issue with some of my caching countries: the first two problems are due to the recent 'country clean-up' by Groundspeak. I guess they are going to use the Dutch flag for Bonaire, St E and Saba, because they all have their own flag.

The same problem goes for the badge: there is no badge for those countries because they didn't exist in this manner before. I have been waiting for ages to get the Vanuatu badge added in BadgeGen, but I guess they haven't been very active anymore on that page, unfortunately.
by Pihoqahiak (3.1k points)