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The Calendar Cacher - next round

Within BadgeGen I can see my stats for FOUNDS WITHIN DIFFERENT CALENDAR DAYS.

I have already Diamond status and I have already 660 days. SO I would like to find the missing 70 days for round/loop 2.

WIth the feature missing calendar days I can filter round / 2. But it answers a different question. The result is a calendar with missing days for 2 (or more) finds. So I can answer on wich days I need to go caching to get 2 , 3 or 10 finds on that specific date.

But I want to know which days I have to go caching to get 372 different days going caching. 

So how do I find the missing days for loop 2 (372 different days of geocaching)??

Thanks for the help

in Support and help by supertwinfan (19.6k points)

2 Answers

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I do not understand your question. 372 is over a year's worth, so you obviously do not mind finding a cache on two different January firsts, for example. Thus you already have 372 different days (you say you have 660). If you are looking for the next 372 calendar days, You will complete this by getting your calendar up to three caches per day).

If my answer is not what you are seeking, please advise how 372 different days is different from the 660 you already have.

Filtering for loop 2 shows which dates you need to find a cache to get you to 2 caches per day (70 dates). Below the chart is a summary of the dates, and you can even upload them to your calendar to remind you to go out there and cache.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.0k points)
Sorry. Not 372 different days. I meant 366 days.
For loop 2 I need 2 times 366 different days. So not 2 caches a day. Even if I would do 5 caches a day for the first 366 or 600 differet days, I need the missing 132 days (loop 2= 732 different day)
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The description for the Calendar Cacher badge is incorrect. the badge only looks at total caches found on the 366 different dates of a year. For loop two you need 2 x 366 days which is two finds on the same date regardless of year. This could be two finds in the same year or in different years. To get to double diamond you need only complete loop 2  in, will do that for you. Find a cache on each of the dates below the chart.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.0k points)