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+4 votes

Feature Request: Additional Stats on FTF Tab

On the Finds tab of the Profile Stats, we have all sorts of useful charts and graphs.

On the FTFs tab however, there isn't much.

I would like to request the following be added to the FTFs tab:

  • Cumulative FTFs by month
  • FTFs by month per year
  • FTFs by type
  • FTFs by size
  • FTFs by found date

Although arguments could probably be made in favour of many other bits from the Finds tab, the above are the ones that I am most interested in seeing on the FTFs tab.  Note that they would behave exactly the same as on the Finds tab, but would only consider FTFs.


in Feature requests by BWJM (200 points)
Perhaps we can go one step further, a filter on Profile Stats > Finds tab, so that the entire tab is redrawn with just size small, or type multi, or D2 or FTFs. However the way that page is created this would double its loading time, and it takes ages already.

By found date is already available, the black numbers in the Finds by Found Date calendar.
I like stats, so more stats is always welcome

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