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then you participated in the geo nord event?

0 votes
asked Jul 27, 2018 in Miscellaneous by Obsyd (440 points)
yes, and it was great (as usual !)

2 Answers

0 votes

if you talk about Geo-Nord for GeoNord 2018 - Sunset (GC71DDD): yes I participated with great pleasure, it was a great celebration with many people from all countries and a lot of friendliness Thank you for the whole organization

traduit du français par google translate

si vous parlez de Geo-Nord  pour GeoNord 2018 - Sunset (GC71DDD) : oui j'y ai participé avec grand plaisir, ce fut une grande féte avec beaucoup de monde de tous pays et beaucoup de convivialité Merci pour toute l'organisation

answered Jul 28, 2018 by Chup'a (11,130 points)
0 votes
Yes, participated for the 3rd time and it was great.

But what's the point of your message? Is there a problem or a question?
answered Jul 30, 2018 by Arnaudd (1,560 points)