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0 votes
My current stats on is +1 more find than the ProgectGC stats. I have tried the self support and update stats, but it made no difference. This difference has been there for some time.

Any help would be appreciated.


in Support and help by ahomburg (170 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote
Its a regular sized D1.5/T1.5 traditional cache that you found sometime in 2011. Possibly a double log seeing as that was possible back then?

edit: And it was found on either 18 or 19 April - strangely, your finds by day for those 2 dates vary considerably between and (39/41 on vs 30/49 on here) but the net difference is 1 cache.
by BFMC (3.6k points)
edited by BFMC
0 votes

It looks like there's a bug in the statistics on - when I look at your profile, in the Geocaches Found tab it says 6255 Traditionals, but clicking on that gives a list of Traditionals found which states "Total Records: 6254"

by sumbloke (Expert) (33.8k points)
That typically means that one of the caches you have logged has been redacted. When that happens, that cache is not visible to Project-GC at all. Its cache page can't be seen on either, but it is still included in the find count there.
0 votes
Find bad logs does not show anything wrong, so I assume this is some cache that was retracted after publication and therefore it is not exposed to the API. This is a problem, that statistics cover these caches, but they are not visible to anyone else. You should probably contact geocaching support if there is a way to resolve that. If that is so, there is nothing that PGC can do about that.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)