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–8 votes
Because I really hesitate to go to make it a which is close from my home, but I wonder if are needed special equipments

Thank you for your answerd
in Support and help by Obsyd (440 points)
Much like your previous question, you need to add more detail. Only you can say whether special equipment is needed for a particular location or not, we havent been there.

1 Answer

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I am not quite sure what your problem is, but I can try.

I live in a rural area in Norway with alpine mountains. They are not very high, typically 12-1500 m, but with forest reaching only up to 500 m. Hence the peaks  experience winter  at least half of the year, with temperatures going down to minus 30 C and not much snow cover.

I have found that I do not need any special equipment. PET-tubes have no problem at all, and so far I have not had any problems with lock and lock boxes (polypropylene). Some very tough placed I have put a PET tube inside a lock-and-lock box, but I don't really think that was necessary.

Metal caches, like bison tubes, have proved less useful, because the O-rings have problems with so low temperatures. Most of those I have had to replace.

by Y? O! (580 points)