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Caching Days in profile should count all days spent caching

–2 votes
It appears that the "Caching Days" in our profiles only shows days with a find. Well, I've had some very memorable and very enjoyable days where I only DNF'd a cache. Some other days were spent performing cache maintenance. That's definitely a caching day in my book. Ditto days where I only hid a cache but didn't otherwise log one. That might be much more difficult to calculate but I consider it a day well spent. :)

It's always kinda bugged me how's stats/souvenirs are only tied to finds. Project-GC can be better than that! :D
asked Aug 22, 2018 in Feature requests by Ericles (150 points)
edited Aug 22, 2018 by Ericles

1 Answer

+1 vote
Unfortunately, the Finds are the only thing you can reliably count, since that is a somehow "proven action" and theoretically "verifiable" in the logbook in the cache. All other actions (DNF, maintenance, cache hiding date, ...), can be done pretty simply without any consequences from home and it is more or less valid reason for a log (I really wanted to go out, but it was raining so I am logging DNF on this nice cache around the corner; I wanted to get rid of the maintenance attribute, so logging NM -- last cacher did not complain; the hide date is frequently faked, either deep in the past or to publication date, which neither is the date one actually did caching). Some people even change their DNF logs to the Find log when they finally find the cache.

I appreciate your ideas, but I don't think this is a way to go to modify existing stats to do all of this. For example, there is already the Hides tab, which could be extended with some of your ideas, such as a calendar of hides, maintenance logs, if you have enough of them.

With DNF it is more complicated. Not everyone logs them, because sometimes there are muggles around, sometimes you don't have enough time to search or you feel like blind, since you know this cache will be tough and you rather return later. I have one of these caches, where most of the people write that they had to come more than once, but for 280 logs I have just 18 DNFs.
answered Aug 22, 2018 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,990 points)
Thanks for the quick response!

All of the stats get faked, no argument there. But a measurable metric shouldn't be excluded just because it isn't used by everyone. Their stats are wrong because they haven't entered them as completely as possible but we could still report on them. I know some people play the game differently but that's not Project-GC's fault. A log is just a log.

Let's ignore hides and maintenance logs would be very troublesome I admit. Unless including DNF logs in the query that counts those days was very easy I'd agree that it is probably not worth it. Opinions vary and a very vocal minority will oppose any change. Also, most people do not only attempt one cache in a day so the DNF will be mixed in with finds. For most cachers the number wouldn't even change. However if this change was easy...  we would know the stats were now more accurate. ;)

Thanks for hearing my rant. :)