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I have stumbled across a strange bug. This particular cache gets plottet at N0.0 E0.0 even though it it placed at N 56° 17.248 E 009° 08.018:

This happens both with the map tool in the Virtual GPS and with the "Map bookmarklist" tool.

Cache plotted at 0.0

This happens even though there are no

  • Additional waypoints (like a final coordinate)
  • Corrected coordinate
  • User note with corrected coordinate

AH 21.1 Shelterpladsen

in Bug reports by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
edited by Funky_Boris
I don't see this. In the BML, I see all the caches in their place, nothing hangling around Africa.
Well. It shows up as having a corrected coordinate. I will try to build a GPX through Virtual GPS to force a reload of corrected coordinates. Will post the results once completed.
Turns out that it was not the only one. This one had a similar problem:

They both had S 00° 00.000 and W 000° 00.000 in the table in Virtual GPS in the columns for corrected latitude and longitude, respecitvely.

The GPX job is now running with "Refresh all corrected coordnates". Hold on.

2 Answers

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It turns out that the following procedure was able to correct the problem:

  1. Add the affected caches to a Virtual GPS list.
  2. Click the "Export" button
  3. Select "Build GPX"
  4. Make sure that the "Use corrected coordinates" option is selected
  5. Make sure that the category to which the affected caches belong is included in the subset that will be actively refreshed (or just select "Refresh all corrected coordinates" to be sure).
  6. Wait for the job to finish
  7. Refresh the Map Bookmarklist page

The above procedure did the trick for me. How the "S 00° 00.000 and W 000° 00.000" entered these two caches in the first place remains a mystery. But it is not worth investegating if I am the only one who has come across it and a workaround is available.

EDIT: If anyone know a quicker and/or less resource-demaning method for refreshing corrected coordinates (NOT user-note based) than the one described above, let me know in this thread.

by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
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You can simply refresh the user notes from Self-service:

Click "Support" => Self-Support => Refresh cache notes

It should do the same.

Or just refresh the GC code on the bottom of the box.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
Refresh cache notes is specificially not the corrected coordinates. It is what it says it is:

"Refresh information about your personal cache notes."

The point is that the API does not support fetching a list of caches for a user of which caches he or she has corrected coordinates for. It does, however, support fetching a list of caches there are personal cache notes on.

The consequence of this is that project-gc has no way of knowing which caches to ask for a corrected coordinate on. This would be a doable task if it was "just" for the caches that the user had found (or otherwise posted a log entry on) but usually that is useless - most logs are "found it" and a corrected coordinate is seldomly useful after the user has found and logged it.

The consequence of this is that project-gc needs to be told which caches to refresh coordnates on for which user and when to do it. The "Refresh GC code" might do that (it is a request to refresh an individual cache), but the "Refresh cache notes" most certainly will not do that.

Documentation about corrected coordinates vs. personal cache notes:
Then there is the " Or just refresh the GC code on the bottom of the box."