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Can't find "update settings" button

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you wrote:

Go to your settings page and check "Automatically build My Finds GPX files" and click the "Update settings" button at the bottom of the page. After a day or so, you will find a GPX file with your finds at the bottom of the Job Queue page.

I checked "Automatically build My Finds GPX files" but I didn't see the button "Update settings"

So I waited five days and no GPX file of my finds is generated.

What can I do?

asked Sep 6, 2018 in Bug reports by eltopo00 (660 points)

1 Answer

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That button is towards the end of the page but not quite at the bottom (but far enough down that I can's make a useful screenshot of it on my laptop since the setting you are changing and the button don't fit on my screen at the same time).
answered Sep 6, 2018 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (135,330 points)
The button is unexpectedly under "Notifiers" section.
Sorry for my blindness, now I've seen what you mean. I've found the button. I used the German translated GUI.

But my real problem (creating a complete GPX file out of my founds) is not solved.
Is this feature only available for users who are paying members (I have a trial membership)?
I read on Some notifiers are not available during trials

The message I mean is on

My Finds GPXs

If you check Automatically build My Finds GPX files on your settings page, the system will automatically build GPX files of your finds for you. (I checked it and after I saved it by clicking the button "Update settings")

A full GPX file of your finds will be built weekly, while an incremental version will be built daily.
My Finds GPX not available        
My Finds Tiny GPX not available  

Why does it happen?
I suspect that building GPX files would be one of the things that don't happen for trial memberships, yes.