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+1 vote
I guess PGC doesn't plan a feature to append attachments on a question?
Instead of this, is it possible to use a service like sendit (I don't like Dropbox, in my opitions that seems not to be safe enough).
in Feature requests by eltopo00 (1.8k points)
edited by eltopo00
I would like to point out that this has become slightly more pressing as of late. It seems that some browsers disable mixed content by default (Firefox in my case). This means that the images I upload to my own server does not get displayed since they are "only" served through HTTP, not HTTPS...

1 Answer

0 votes
Something like wesendit is more designed for delivering files to a recipient/recipients rather than hosting it for web access. If it works the same as similar sites I have used it requires a recipients email address. The answer you got on the other question offered viable solutions, using one of those is your best bet. Im not sure why security is a concern here (im assuming you meant to say dropbox isnt 'safe' enough), its a screen shot of an error message. Anything you link to here is going to have to be accessible to all anyway, no matter how you do it.
by BFMC (3.6k points)
Thank you for your reply. You are right regarding my spelling mistake. I corrected it. But safety always is an important criterion.