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None of my daily notifies arrived in my inbox on September 17th. A typical day has several hundred new caches as I watch about 10 countries and a similar number of US states. This seems more likely a glitch than a reality.

I cannot figure out if this means they did not run on the server or if there is a problem with the delivery of e-mail. does say 7/100 ran on my daily limit but if the same process updates this as send's the e-mails, it may be the same results held over from the 16th.

Did anyone else have this problem?
in Bug reports by sloth96 (3.8k points)
edited by sloth96
This may be a bigger issue. I just changed my e-mail and then changed it back and the verification e-mail did not arrive.  

Also no e-mail confirming a "real" support ticked arrived.  This is to a address.  Perhaps google has blocked
Me too. I should have had emails for FP receipts and GPX job queue completions. Nothing. I am also a gmali user. I have checked SPAM and there's nothing in there either.
And I have just received an FP notification email at 11:09 (UK time). Something must have kicked in.
An email server had called it a day and given up. It was just recently restarted and is busy working through the queue of the last few days's worth of notifications as I write.

1 Answer

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No notifications since 16.9. at all here.

My own mail server, so no blacklist at Gmail
by kamla (1.1k points)