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Counts on finders is wrong and listing in two places?

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asked Sep 18, 2018 in Bug reports by Unwinder1 (160 points)
I don't see this in your public stats now: It lists just 31. This sounds like temporary issue that is already gone.
Unless you refer to someone else stats, which is really not clear from you question.
I did some quick "detective work" and found the user where the problem is:

It does indeed list OP twice in his list.

Without knowing how the data is collected, it may be due to adopted caches not being registrered correct?

Maybe OP can confirm/deny wether they have adopted 48+ caches?
Just seeing this now.  I'm the person whose profile this is happening on.  I've already done a manual count and have confirmed it has nothing to do with adopted caches.  I've found 301 Unwinder1 caches - 261 were his original hides, and 40 were hides that he adopted from somebody else.  What's really odd about this is that the numbers keep changing.  My find count associated with the "first" iteration of Unwinder1 is slowly decreasing, while the my find count associated with the "second" iteration is slowly increasing.  It's almost as if all my Unwinder1 finds are slowly migrating from one version of Unwinder1 to the other version of Unwinder1.  It's very odd and confusing.
That is indeed odd. It's like PGC suddenly made a copy of OP in their system, and as the system is crawling around updating his caches, they are transfered to the "new" account.

Only reason for that I can think of is if OP name changed recently, and then changed the name back again, and therefor confusing PGC. It's very farstretched and highly unlikely.

Maybe someone behind the curtains here at PGC can take a look, it's probably the only chance to find out what's going on at this point. :)

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