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i m premium member , why my labcaches are not calculate in my statistic (exemple: belt...) like most of my friends geocahers, who have the word"including" in the title of total caches and me have only "and" ?

Thank you.
in Support and help by Maroliv (150 points)
One question - when you say you're a premium member, do you mean a premium member of or a paying member of Project-GC (or both)? These are two different memberships which earn you different benefits.
i m both but the question is on PGC

1 Answer

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There is a setting on the Profile Statistics page (click ">Settings" to show it) to control whether lab caches are included in your statistics or not, and you have that set to not include them.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (160k points)
i m sorry, i don't see where
had the same question and found it.

In the right above corner you find your cachername. With the triangle drop down you get Einstellungen / settings.

There is a chapter Profile Statistic "You can find Profile stats specific settings by expanding the Settings section on the Profile stats page."

Then you find another Name: Einstellungen / Settings . It is also on the first page of PGC.
It tells you like 55 from 55 modules activated.
Again a triangle .
Then you expand the listing and you will find "Weitere Einstellungen" Additional settings
Wo zufreffend Lab Caches mit einschlie├čen / Where appropriate include Lab caches