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For a challenge cache I need to view all my caching history to find all the church micros we have found. I don't have access to GSAK as it doesn't work on my MacBook :( I am not super dooper with computers so pleas keep any help simple! Thanks.
in Support and help by Arrowrat (440 points)

4 Answers

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If you are a paying member of Project-GC, you can use Map Compare for this. Then you add the Cache name filter (which is only available for paying members) and enter "church micro" in the "contains" field (assuming all church micros have "church micro" in the cache name, obviously). Then select the "one found" checkbox and enter your username, and that should be it.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (160k points)
This worked well with the exception of the CO name being missing and also any archived caches are not shown. However got the required info & just need 7 more to qualify for the challenge. Thanks for the help.
You're right, archived caches are not shown by default. However, you can add the Show disabled / archived filter and select to show them.
+1 vote
You can list all your finds on one page directly on geocaching:

This will load list of all caches, where you have "Found It" log. It will be very long, but it should be very simple to search through the list or list what you want to find there.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
I found this but as you say it was very long. In the end I used a combination of the two. Thanks for the help.
0 votes
Yet another way is that the church micros are all collated into a bookmark list. You can make a pocket query of the bookmark list and show it on the map, which will highlight your finds, but would not show archived caches. If you are a paying member of Project GC  then a better way is to import the bookmark into a VGPS, from which you can easily sort by found status, delete the rest, export to GPX or Excel.

The advantage of this is that it gets all church micros even if they do not have "church micro" in the title.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.8k points)
0 votes
It looks like this has been answered but for future reference in case any one reads this... You can ask the chap that runs the Church Micros stats page for a spreadsheet list of all your finds. It’s a bit of a messy list but with a bit of basic reformatting on Excel it’s perfectly usable. I did that when my personal list tally was differing from the website in order to work out which was missing.
by Carasek (530 points)