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Why is Warrington U.A. considered a part of Merseyside on PGC?

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If I see it correctly, PGC, as far as Great Britain is concerned, uses as third level administrative units ("counties") the current Council Areas in Scotland/Alba, the current Principal Areas in Wales/Cymru and the ceremonial counties in England. This is fine.

However, apparently the unitary authority of Warrington is considered part of the ceremonial county of Merseyside on PGC. If I understand it correctly, this is a mistake, as Warrington U.A. is part of the ceremonial county of Cheshire, as far as I can see, e.g.: or

Unless British colleagues with a specialisation on British administrative geography have a different view, I would ask to correct this mistake.

Thank you!
asked Oct 2, 2018 in Bug reports by k+gw+a (10,690 points)
I just see that the same problem concerns Halton U.A., which is also mistakenly considered part of Merseyside rather than Cheshire in PGC.

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