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+8 votes
I have some GC cache notifiers and some PGC event notifiers and I wanted to create a PGC cache notifier for new challenges.

But is it possible to create a notifier based on the partial name "challenge" or on the "has checker" attribute?
in Feature requests by (1.5k points)
It is not possible now, but it is sensible feature to request.
Is this question enough for that or do I need to create the request somewhere else?
This is the best what can be done for feature requests.

1 Answer

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Notifiers are possible at the moment based on cache type, and there is no such thing as a "Challenge cache" cache type.

Geocaching are considering separating challenge caches into a new cache type, and much of the work Project GC has done around challenge caches will help with this. Should this happen, notifiers for challenge caches will be possible, both on the Geocaching site and at Project-GC.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.9k points)
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