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It's easy to find high favorite point caches (Statistics/TopFav or Statistics/TopFavWilson,) and even more meaningful to research high percentage favorite point caches (Statistics/TopFavPct) since that takes the age of the cache out of the equation.

When I travel, I'd like to favor COs who place high percentage favorite point caches, but that's more difficult since there isn't a stats page for it. It's easy to find high FP COs (Statistics/FavGained) but since some of them have 1000s of caches, the actual FP percentage is quite low, and that's not what I'm looking for.

Right now, I have to back into the info I'm looking for by picking several high percentage FP caches in an area I'm planning to visit, and then checking the CO stats to see if their other caches also tend to be high percentage caches.

The info is apparently available in the system since the FP percentage is reported on the Hides tab of the CO's stats (Statistics/ProfileStats#Hides) along with the total favorite points recieved, but I can't find anywhere to easily get a comparison of COs using this stat.

I think this stat would be very helpful to highlight COs that are doing an exemplary job but may not have lots of caches placed.

in Feature requests by JustFindingOurWay (140 points)
This is what I would like too.
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