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+1 vote
Why is in the BadgeGen the The Lost & Found Cacher-Badge even if new Cachers can't ever gain it?
in Miscellaneous by Ragdoll. (850 points)

8 Answers

+6 votes

BadgeGen is (originally) a GSAK macro created by Kyle (I don't know his last name). It is implemented by Project-GC.

BadgeGen is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) licence. You can read about it on the link. The important part is the "NoDerivs" part:

NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

This means that if Project-GC removes a badge, that would constitute a transformation of the original material which would violate the licence. It could, of course, be done with (explicit written) permission of the creator but it would take that to do it without violating the licence.

I don't see the point of decommissioning these badges. Not everybody started their geocaching career after 2010 and I don't see why they should be denied the badges if they qualify.

by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
That is a valuable backgroud information that explains the current appearance of the BadgeGen - Thanks
+2 votes
Because there are cachers who found some of those caches.
I probably will find only one APE cache, and I will never reach the diamond badge for it, since there are only two active left. But those who found them years ago are most likely happy to have it in ther badge stats. :)
by clappy (16.3k points)
That's the point!
+2 votes
While we, like others, would always want those who have achieved the badges to be able to display them, is there any way that the ones that can’t be achieved now can be removed from a personal profile so that they don’t display?
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
0 votes

Unless they ever bring back the The Lost & Found, I will never get it.   But saying that, I have no issue recognizing those that was able to get it.

by ormustr (4.0k points)
0 votes
Yes, it is the same with the official statistics. Many people will never be able to get those cache types, that don't exist anymore. But well those who did can at least show, that they were there at that time.
by crift (340 points)
0 votes
Putting the correct answer above (licensing) aside, the fact that there are a few badge types that will forever sit at the bottom of my page unachieved will drive me up the wall (particularly given I only have a few left to tick off besides the ones that wont happen).

That being said, at no stage would I contemplate taking them away given others have made those achievements.
by BFMC (3.6k points)
0 votes
I would also be to cancel the unattainable badges. Or not show them.
by nimir (2.1k points)
It is not possible because of the license and how fair it would be for the ones who achieved the badge before?
it is not fair that new Cacher can't get this achievments. That is the point. That is discriminating against the new cachers!!!!
Exactly! ;-)
With that type of reasoning, it's also unfair to have any badges that have anything to do with the number of caches found, since some cachers happen to live in areas with a lower cache density.
:D What stupidity is that?
There's a difference to having and not having!
People from areas with fewer cashes can travel. But a nonexistent cache can no found!
I am in favor of being able to hide some non-found badges.
What would it even mean to hide a badge that you don't qualify for and that thus isn't displayed to begin with?
–2 votes

it is precisely the idea not to deprive the old players of their assets but rather to find bridges to allow the recent arrivals to be able to have the same pleasures ... it is very sad that it seems blocked !

traduit de français par google translate

c'est justement l'idée de ne pas priver les vieux joueurs de leurs acquis mais plutot de trouver des passerelles pour permettre aux derniers arrivant de pouvoir avoir les mémes plaisirs ... c'est bien navrant que cela semble bloqué !

by Chup'a (11.2k points)