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+4 votes

When I'm using the "Discover Trackables" tool not discoverable trackables get a red background and status => error.
(Blue is used for "processed" and green for discovered trackables.)

If it's possible to differ between the "errors" please use a special colour (e.g. yellow) for not yet activated trackables.

Happy caching

in Feature requests by micha_de (7.1k points)
and further mention them explicit in the overview or the list, that one can find them again.
What is the sense behind discovering not yet activated travekbugs. I mean, it#s possible, okay but why does someone take a trackable with oneself if it is not activated. Does he not know about the necessity? Never ran into such a problem :-)
Anyways, it would be worth a differentiation.
If a TB is given away at an event then it can happen that when discoving all collected TBs via Project-GC a few days later this TB is not yet activated.

It would be helpfull for me if I could just spot this case without having to look into the details of the TB.

That is just a nice feature and if you have never such a case, you will never see it.
As stated by micha_de this is one case; the or one another is a personal gift to some friend, where I've noted the TB discovery code, too. My discovering progress might overlap for some reasons with the activation process. Retrying this again later (and later...) if remembering or if something show me, that my last try was incomplete
I also often encounter unactivated TBs.

1 Answer

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I think it's great that there's even this opportunity to discover several TBs, it's not that bad if a TB does not work.

by DieRose (840 points)