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since today I have an error in may profile statistics: It shows a height of 2582 m instead of 1140 m (which was correctly shown a day before). Alleged I have reached a height of 2582 m concerning the cache GCB652 (its an archived virtual), but 762 m is correct. What happened? Where is the bug?

in Bug reports by Geo-Jitsu (220 points)
One solution: Find some caches with higher heights and then these will disappear from the statistics. : D

2 Answers

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The referenced cache is indeed in over 2500 meters above the see level according to the map.

This cache is listed in the ignore list of traveling caches so it should not be taken in the account, if you check on your statistics page under Settings the checkbox "Use official ignore list for traveling geocaches". If it will show still, it is a bug in statistics and it needs to be fixed.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
selected by Geo-Jitsu
It seems to work! After activating the checkbox the cache was deleted from the profile statistics. I was afraid that the number of my finds now will be reduced but that was not the case. And my BadgeGen-statistics seems also be correct. Thank you very much! You found the solution for my problem...
0 votes
Possible explanation: This is a virtual and moving cache. Then probably the highest passage was taken as the high of the cache.

Possible solution: Is it possible then to use and maintain such a cache with change in height? Answer from project GC required then
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)