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To get the obvious out of the way, i'm a paying member of both and projectgc.

I have been trying to figure out why my highest # of cache types in a day hasnt updated after doing 10 types on the weekend (including lab caches). A friend who did the same caches on the day has had their profile update ()). I am showing lab caches in the lab cache tab and on the correct day. I double checked all my other finds, they are correct (17/11/18). The daily profile stats update has happened twice since I logged the caches, im in Australia so its early afternoon on the 19th here at the moment.

After a fair bit of digging around I noticed a couple of friends profile stats display slightly differently. Their total finds on the first line includes lab caches, whereas mine does not, mine are totalled seperately on the second line. I'm guessing whatever is causing this is why it hasnt picked up the 10 types in a day. Anyone know why? I have gone through profile settings on both sites and cant see anything to change for lab caches.

My Profile:

Friend 1 profile:

Friend 2 profile (note they have the 10 types from 18/11):
closed with the note: Found the answer elsewhere.
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OK so one of said friends just found the answer - tick the include lab caches box in the settings on the profile stats page!