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in Miscellaneous by LUMPA (220 points)
Can you explain a little more about what you mean?

Do you mean “why can’t I log trackables”?
i was trying to write down some trackables that I've seen at event at the same time using discover trackables tools. It happened a couple of times that none of the trackables was written down with success.
I never had the problem of logging more TBs at a time. Did you use the right separator?
I separate each TB with "enter" as usually. 4 times out of 6 with no success.

3 Answers

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Also if writing them down, make sure you differentiate between the letter O and the number 0, also between I and 1, and sometimes event S and 5. Sadly a lot of TBs, especially geocoins, are very difficult to read in this respect.
by Optimist on the run (Expert) (20.1k points)
selected by LUMPA
thanks for the suggestion. I made a mistake twice.(0 instead of O). Is it possible that all 45 seen trackables were ignored as errors because one of them was written with uncorrect letter?
no. If you have mistake in one, the others should be logged correctly.
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I just got back from a visit to HQ where they have lots of trackables and geocoins to discover. I took pictures of the items in batches where I could get multiple items in the photo so I could process them later. When I got home I entered each item into an individual cell in a spreadsheet and then copied the column into the "Discover trackables" tool on project-gc. When the job was done the output listed each item and whether or not it was successful. I copied that list back into the spreadsheet and cross-referenced them to figure out which ones were incorrect. I was them able to make corrections (change 0 to O, etc) and rerun the tool with the few corrected numbers. I processed about 120 trackables this way and it was really smooth!
by msweetnw (1.7k points)
–1 vote

when you discover a traceable, you must open the geocaching tab of the traveler objects and note the letters and numbers of code that is written on it to access the page where you will have selections to choose to make your log ... you can also use project-gc by clicking in the toolbar "discover tb" tab, you will have to note your text at the top and the letters and numbers of code at the bottom ...
this is who I hope to complete and answer this questioning ...

traduit du français par google translate

quand vous découvrez un traçable, vous devez ouvrir l'onglet de géocaching des objets voyageurs et noter les lettres et chiffres de code qui est écrit dessus pour accéder a la page ou vous aurez des sélections a choisir pour faire votre log ... vous pouvez aussi utiliser project-gc en cliquant dans l'onglet outil "découvrir des tb", vous devrez noter votre texte en haut et les lettres et chiffres de code en bas...
voila qui j'espére completeet répond a ce questionnement ...

by Chup'a (11.2k points)