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0 votes
Mein Lab Cache wird nicht mehr als Cachetyp gezählt.
in Feature requests by sash_1402 (120 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes
Es gibt auf der Seite Profilstatistik (unter ">Einstellungen") eine Einstellung ob Labcaches in die Statistik mitgenommen sollen oder nicht. Du hast es als "nicht mitgenommen" gesetzt.

(On the page Profile Statistics (under ">Settings") there is a setting that controls whether lab caches are included in ones statistics or not. You have it set to "not include".)
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)
–1 vote
First of all, please, try to use English so the rest of the world can understand you.

To answer your question, you need to be paying member of PGC to have the lab caches counted in the statistics.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (115k points)
Ok i try it. I can see it but not in the overview cachetypes at one day.
Last week it works and there was 11 no it is gone and i hve 10 at this day. Because the Lab Cache doesnt count.

Meiste Cachetypen an einem Tag: 10 ( Traditional Cache Unknown Cache Virtual Cache Earthcache Wherigo Cache Event Cache Webcam Cache Multi-cache Letterbox Hybrid Mega-Event Cache ) an 2018-11-10