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Many challenges have as one requirement that you must have at least one chache that had not been logget at least for instance 12 months before you logget it. Is there a way to search for this, or do I have to go through all my finds manually?
in Support and help by Teddy Steiff (190 points)
Please write the GC code of this challenge cache.
One such challenge is GC4MXWE, where one of the requirements is "Find a cache that hasn't been found in 13 months". I have not found a way to check if I have already found a cache that has not been found in 13 months. There are other challenges with similar requirements.
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1 Answer

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The best approach to find caches that haven't been found in a while is to use the Lonely Caches feature + "found by me". This lists caches that are rarely found, making it more likely that there was a longer find-gap before your find. However if you're unlucky the last find was just a day before yours :-( So you might have to go through the first few pages of the results list to find the one you're looking for.

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by kamla (1.1k points)