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Targets and ambitions for 2019

+8 votes
Time for the annual question - what are your geocaching hopes, plans, ambitions and/or targets for 2019?

To get the ball rolling, I'm hoping to clear my DT grid (though I think I said that last year), and get at least three new gemstones on BadgeGen. I'm planning to get at least two new countries (Czechia and Italy), and continue my series of SideTracked events in the UK.

I'm also hoping to do a "multiple counties" 24 hour bash with friends, and would like to try to get 100 caches in a day.
asked Dec 21, 2018 in Miscellaneous by Optimist on the run (Expert) (15,650 points)
I would like to reach my 4000 caches in 2019, until then I only need about 890 caches.
My 81 matrix should finally be finished, missing only 1 difficulty.
An event is planned, on the subject of Cito to go, how to make such a thing.
I believe these are enough wishes, now I have to dare to fulfill.
i want to reach my 3K :D
I would reach 1K cache found and And exceed my altitude limit of 3500mt
I woul like have 1000 founds

33 Answers

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I started Caching at the end of November 2017 so have just completed my first year. I now realise how many additional challenges there are! A friend brought a 365 micro challenge to my attention - huge for me as I only had 45 different date micro finds as I entered 2019. I retired in the summer of 2018 and moved back to the UK which provided such a wide range of caching opportunities compared to the island of Guernsey so my targets for 2019 are:

  • complete the 365 day micro challenge; the last date to get will be 30th December!
  • As I need to get so many different days for the micro challenge I might as well have a go at caching every day this year!
  • realistic challenge: increase my finds to 1000 (currently 465)
  • Dream challenge: reach 2020 finds on 1st January 2020!!
I would also like to fill in more of my date hidden and D/T grids and am going to try to combine these with my micro challenge where possible.
Good Luck everyone with your own personal challenges. Remember whatever the challenges keep on enjoying!
answered Jan 8 by Puddlesplasher25 (150 points)
0 votes
I'm hoping to go geocaching more in 2019 than I did in 2018. I only had 73 geocaching days with a total of 408 finds during 2018 and I would really like to get out more often.

I'm planning to host an event this summer.

Attend few more Mega-events and hopefully a Giga-event as well (I already have plans for this anyway).

I always try to add a few new countries each year.

Close at least one of the two remaining gaps in my Jasmer matrix. They are hard to find, however...

Finish the third loop on my D/T matrix (two combinations missing) and maybe the fourth as well (five combinations missing).

Reach 5000 finds (only 477 finds away).

Improving my karma by hiding more good caches.
answered Jan 9 by Chrysafenios (1,040 points)
0 votes
To have another awesome year caching!
answered Jan 10 by Devlin- Brown (200 points)
0 votes

For me my general 2019 goals are:

  1. Finish my D/T loop (4 caches), bonus points if I can finish my second loop (another 29 caches)
  2. Finish my found date calendar (excluding Feb 29)
  3. Complete my find streak up to 366 days (currently just over 230)
  4. Publish a series of kids letterboxes
  5. Publish at least 1 AR cache (already done)
  6. Place my first T5 physical cache (we have hosted a T5 event, but haven't placed a physical cache yet)
  7. Maintain my FTF streak, which is currently at 12 months.
  8. Pick, and complete, an appropriately impressive cache to do as our 1000th find (currently on 847)
Optional bonus goal: Place a ~100 cache GeoArt (50/50 challenge caches and puzzles) that I started playing around with late last year.
Stat nerd goals:
  1. Up my belt score from 200 to 300
  2. Earn at least 3 new gemstones (currently have 10)
  3. Progress at least 5 of my current Bronze badges
  4. 200 finds in a day
answered Jan 11 by BFMC (2,120 points)
0 votes
Just found our 5000. cache.

2 goals

- 6666 by end of 2019

- more countries than now

Greetings and all the best for your goals
answered Jan 13 by supertwinfan (500 points)
0 votes
My goals for 2019 are not so high. I just want to find my 2000 Cache.
answered Jan 14 by GreenMagenta (220 points)
0 votes
Hi here are my Goals for 2019:

- trip to Ireland and find Europe's first (June 2019)

- visit 500 Geocaches in one day (Roadtrip April 2019)

- visit Cache number 200 with T5 (current 138)

- visit our 100th event (current 91)

- perhaps visit our 10th Mega-Event (Berlin)

- and the biggest goal: hiking a lot in our beautifil nature

See you in the woods

answered Jan 15 by The4Hasards (2,930 points)
0 votes
Clean up a bit of DT with more difficult caches. Mainly I want to focus on the T5 and those of this year to find at least 300. This will be hard work.
I also want to travel to new countries.

If you're going to the Czech Republic let me know, I'd like to welcome you and give some tips. We have lots of beautiful cows in the Czech Republic.
answered Feb 2 by nimir (1,840 points)
0 votes
I would be more active like last year and found more like 1000 caches.

Finishing some missions of local Challenges.
answered Feb 3 by Dubachik (150 points)
0 votes

- Get at least one new country

- Work on completing counties (Landkreise) for Hessen and Rheinland Pfalz - just a few more for each

- Get more finds and more cache types in surrounding countries we already have cached, to make our European map a little more varied (example: 100 caches in France)

- Log GC40 before on4bam (already got this one) laugh

answered Feb 3 by hzoi (7,370 points)
0 votes
Like to go to UK and log some different cache types
Go to Poland and log an Earthcache
go to a mega event

and have a lot of fun on sunny days discovering nice  place I have never seen before
answered 6 days ago by Rolli2 (5,930 points)
0 votes
will try to find 100 caches per month
answered 6 days ago by supertwinfan (500 points)
0 votes
I'd like to reach my goal of 10,000 finds - and I'm looking forward to the geocoin I'll get when I'm finished! :-)
answered 2 hours ago by Duo Baculi (250 points)