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+2 votes
In Project-GC Overview there is shown a comparison of Finds in current year 2019 and in the year before 2018. Just now it would be interesting, to compare this with the year 2017, because the results of 2019 are not very important.

Is there a possibility to see the results of 2017?
in Support and help by Joker96 (2.3k points)
Thank you for your quick answers

2 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

I think you are referring to the following page:

I don't see a way to add the 2017 finds to the table. 

by msweetnw (1.7k points)
selected by Joker96
+2 votes
Yes, absolutely. Above the statistics you have a line showing little squares with all the years before the current one and the one before. By clicking on it you can add that year to the comparison, or by clicking "All", all years are included in the comparison.
by k+gw+a (11.8k points)
Statstics - General - Overview
I donĀ“t see any squares , but only a filter to change between countries.
I think this answer is referring to boxes in the "Finds by month per year" section of your personal Profile Stats page.
You are right, I am sorry to have misinterpreted the question.
Seems so. Maybe there is no way to compare all finds and hides 2017 with 2018 and 2019.