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I noticed some remarkable behaviour of the Dashboard search result (Menu Home-Dashboard). I guess it is a bug and I couldn't find any report or question about it.


I used the Wildcard search which gave me a well formatted output.

But when I clicked a column to sort the results, the first 4 columns (upto GC-code) got a row-height larger than the other columns. This means that down the list linked data is no longer next to each other.

So when I hover over a GC code which highlights the data for this cache, the linked Cache name and following columns can be some "lines" higher up.

The result is that if you want to view a cache with a certain name and click on the GC code before that name, you can end up viewing another cache.
in Bug reports by aghajd (200 points)
same for me since long time using Chrome on Win10, single screen
The workaround (but annoying) is to restart from top each time
So I guess it is not single OS or browser related because I see the same thing happening in Windows 7 and Android, in Chrome and IE.

About your workaround: I couldn't find the option to specify the sort order in the original query. Maybe you can help me on that. But if such option doesn't exist I'm afraid starting over again isn't very helpful because the result comes again sorted in a not intended way.

1 Answer

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I have long found this to be an issue as well. It would be great if Project-gc would fix this problem. Although annoying, it is, admittedly, not a deal breaker when using the wildcard feature which is still superior to any of the search options at
by tumbleweed42 (840 points)