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0 votes
Project-GC: When I click on maps, badge gen and souvenirs nothing happens. Before I could see in which parts of the country I found caches and I could see my souvenirs. What happened?.
in Support and help by ic1307 (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
It works for me just fine on the following page:

If it does not work for you on the above page, please, clarify where do you try that, what os and browser you are using.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
0 votes

Are you referring to the way your statistics show on your profile page? It seems to be linking back to itself rather than the PGC stats page that Jakuje gives - you may want to check the coding. For information on doing this, go to and select the "Create dynamic image HTML code" button.

by Optimist on the run (Expert) (18.3k points)
On the profile page, the dynamic stats image opens the statistics in the popup window (blocked in most of the browsers). But that is how it used to be from the start so it is no change. If you want interactive statistics, please use the statistics on project-gc.
Yes, I am referring to the way my statistics show on my profile page at I did as I was told by Optimist on the run. I went to and selected the "Create dynamic image HTML code" button, but it is still not dynamic.
The dynamic here is in the meaning of automatically updating when you find a new geocache. It is not (and it never was) in the meaning of that you could click on the tabs and it would change them. It is just a still image.
I know there is an updating after having found a new cache. On my profile page at I can see an image of my finds (left tab). But I don't understand why no image is shown when clicking on one of the other tabs ("milestones", "maps", "badgegen" and "souvenirs"). Before this was possible on my profile page at, so that I could see for example the parts of the country where I had found caches.
This is explained in my previous comment. Your browser blocks the popup windows.
Only an image of the first tab is created. There is no image of the other tabs.