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A few country badge/flag bugs

+1 vote
On the BadgeGen tab the country badges for 'Curaçao' and 'Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba' are only showing the badge name, rather than the badge itself. The badges for Vanuatu and Sint Maarten are showing an empty badge (without a flag).

The flag of Guadeloupe is different on the Country Badge and in the cache stats, but what's more: they are both not the flag of Guadeloupe (
asked Jan 29 in Bug reports by Pihoqahiak (2,400 points)
... and for Mongolia there is a badge with flag but no Bronze/Silver/Gold status in it.
Yes, I have about 20 of them on my profile. This is because the different levels indicate what percentage of regions within that country you have found a cache in. Many countries have no subdivision of regions defined (yet) on PGC, therefore there is no level to indicate. You will notice that on the maps page, there is no country map for these countries either.

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