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On the BadgeGen tab the country badges for 'Curaçao' and 'Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba' are only showing the badge name, rather than the badge itself. The badges for Vanuatu and Sint Maarten are showing an empty badge (without a flag).

The flag of Guadeloupe is different on the Country Badge and in the cache stats, but what's more: they are both not the flag of Guadeloupe (
in Bug reports by Pihoqahiak (3.1k points)
... and for Mongolia there is a badge with flag but no Bronze/Silver/Gold status in it.
Yes, I have about 20 of them on my profile. This is because the different levels indicate what percentage of regions within that country you have found a cache in. Many countries have no subdivision of regions defined (yet) on PGC, therefore there is no level to indicate. You will notice that on the maps page, there is no country map for these countries either.
In the FAQ on it says:

Why is my country not included in the state badges?
BadgeGen only supports new countries as the desire for them arises. I didn't take the time to add all 200+ countries to the macro when many won't be used by anybody.
It is extremely simple for me to add more countries so, if you want a new country added, please send an email to me and I'll be happy to add it as soon as possible. The email must contain the name of the country and the number of "states" (or equivalent) that recognises are in the country. If does not recognise any states, please include the number of states that are in the country. After it is added, there is no need to update the macro. All you need to do is re-run the macro and your country will appear in the list for you to select!

So I emailed him some months ago, but I didn't get an answer...  :-(
What else could be done?

2 Answers

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There are two issues here: the GSAK BadgeGen macro (GSAKBG) and the PGC implementation of the same (PGCBG). I recall that GSAKBG only implemented 136 or so countries, however adding the others would simply require flag badge images and some minor database/macro changes. Over the next few days I will run a correrlation of the complete list of countries over GSAKBG and see what is missing. Over the next couple of weeks I will get the owner of Badgegen the flag badge images. After that it should be a fairly small set of changes to the macro/database to implement them.

PGCBG probably never included other countries because they use the GSAKBG images. Once GSAK is fully up and running with the new badges I will relay back to this thread and post a new thread requesting PGC up update PGCBG.

This will all take a couple of weeks on my part - I have a day job too! Although I do have a copy of the GSAKBG code, I have not examined it for how much work is needed to add each country, I assume it is fairly trivial, but fairly trivial x100 is still a lot of work. I am sure I can get Taybee, the owner of GSAKBG, to implement them.

Fixing the Guadaloupe flag is simply a case of replacing the images with the correct ones, trivial.

Watch this space...

Some of the comments on this thread mention "grey" badges, rather than bronze/silver/diamond. This is a mapping issue with PGC, as is inadequately explained when clicking on the badge. Perhaps a PGCadmin can explain/fix this?
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.4k points)
selected by Pihoqahiak
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Think not only Badge-Gen has an issue with these very small countries. The all habe no Provinces or States. So there is noch bronze/silver gold and perhaps it is difficult to program that Countries without State/Province are Diamond or Gold after you got the Countryflag.

Curacao was without flat for several month and I' m happy that it has a flag since some month.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)