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Why would a geocacher not have a profile on [closed]

+1 vote
A cacher recently posted a Found log on one of my challenge caches.   However, I am not able to use a Challenge Checker to verify the qualifications as the geocacher apparently has no profile.   This is not a case of a profile choosing to hide statistics -- there appears to be no profile at all.
closed with the note: Found out that a user can completely opt out of
asked Feb 5, 2019 in Support and help by j2dad (160 points)
closed Feb 5, 2019 by j2dad

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi, maybe you write wrong his nickname. Try to write only few letters and choose it from the automatic selection. There are not only new profiles, but I guess this is not the case, because new players don't log a challenge caches right after joining geocaching. If this not help, please post his nickname and link to your challenge.
answered Feb 5, 2019 by hynous (2,840 points)
Project-GC is picky about capitalization, but if the name is entered the same way as in the found log it should be correct. If the user has opted out of Project-GC entirely, I think they will not be found for checkers either.
I have tried using characters one by one in the profile name, and also copying and pasting from   It does not matter the challenge, and it does not even show on profile statistics.  The profile in question is ZSteve (
I found a reference (by google, not necessarily by menu) that allows one to opt-out of project-gc, so that probably explains why the profile is not present.