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Is there way to list all archived caches that I have found after it's archived date if I found it? In the statistics for that category I see how many. But is there a way to show witch ones they are?

Refering to this page:

Another formulation and update of the question:

In the statistics / top archived loggers you can see how many caches you have found after the date they where archived. What you cant see or search for is a list of wich ones they are. It seems that there is no way at the time. But maybee a future feature?


in Miscellaneous by Titanium (700 points)
edited by Titanium
I do not think, there is way to list them at this moment. But it is a nice idea for a feature.
owner can delete this logs
I know they can. But as I said in my reply to Optimist below, it is a another "element" of the game that exists. Hopefully all the CO's of the archived caches leaves the found logs written intact because of this.

2 Answers

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Unfortunately, to answer your specific question, there is not a way to list all geocaches you've found after they were archived.
by TerraViators (9.1k points)
edited by TerraViators
This is exactly what the question says and does not answer any part of the question.
You're incorrect, Jakuje.  It does answer that there's no way to do it.  This is why people are shy to answer questions because they will be ridiculed and voted down.  It's not nice and doesn't make you superior.  You could consider how your criticism might hurt a person.
Dear TerraViators. The original answer contained only the following:
"The Top archived loggers in the Statistics tab only displays the number logged. Unfortunately, the logged archived geocache listings are not displayed."
This is just restated what is in the question. After your editing, it is a bit more clearer what you attempt to say, so thank you for coming back with a clarification.
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I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Do you mean you want a list of which caches you've found which are now archived? If so, and if you're a paying member of PGC it can be done by creating a custom filter to give archived caches only, and then use map compare using that filter to list caches that you've found.
by Optimist on the run (Expert) (20.1k points)
In the statistics / top archived loggers you can see how many caches you have found after the date they where archived. What you cant see or search for is a list of wich ones they are. Hope this clarifies better.
Please, update the question so it is clear for everyone what you ask.
Don't know if I can be more specific than this.
I know how to search for caches I have found that is now archived and thats alot. I'm asking for a way to find the specific ones that I have found after the date they are archived.

As said on the explanation on
Yes, that is better. Thanks.
I see what you mean now. To be honest, it would never occur to me to look for a cache after it had been archived - this would generally mean it's missing, broken or removed by a responsible CO. Yes, there are some irresponsible ones out there, but I wouldn't look for their caches on the offchance that they'd left them in situ. Given that many archived caches are owned by COs who are no longer active, I would also suspect that many of the top "finders" are bogus, making the stats worthless.

The idea of searching for archived caches opens up a side adventure from the regular active ones for me and others that enjoy it. It's the excitement of finding a cache that has layed in place for sometimes a very long time and has been forgotten and finally getting found. The oldest I have found since it's last found visit where over 13½ years! Very fun to find!

Often you find them in very bad condition, in my opinion they are then trash lying there and i often take the remains with me to throw it away as an extra CITO and cleaning up that also feels good afterwards. But when you find an old one in mint condition it feels extra exciting and I then almost always leave it in place for other archived searchers to find.

As response to the "bogus" you mention. I can only speak for myself, but all the archived I have found I remember as it has always been some sort of physical evidence at the place from the box or some sort of logbook left at GZ. Even if the book not always can be signed because of the bad state on them, I now always take a photo with the remains with a new note with my log on it and publish with the found log as proof of the find.

Everyone caches the way they want to. As there is a statistics for it here at PGC, its proof that it is another element of the hobby that exists and is appreciated.