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Mein bester Geocache fehlt auf der Livekarte. GC4A0FY Einfach Physik! Wieso?

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asked 6 days ago in Bug reports by SOS51-Team (140 points)
Please, try to use English so the rest of the world can understand your question.
Many thanks for the tip on the translation engine!
Now again from the front.
On the live map of Projekt GC I see an own
Cache (GC4A0FY - Einfach Physik) does not.
About 0.1 miles next to it I see my own cache (GC2H3JK Around Basel) without problems.
The filter of the live map is without marker.
Benutze  .

Die Ergebnisse sind bestes Deutsch oder anders herum Englisch.

Auch die anderen angebotenen Sprachen sind super übersetzt

translated with

Use .

The results are best German or the other way around English.

Also the other offered languages are translated super

1 Answer

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I see your cache on the live map as expected so it is probably because of some of your filters. Check the "Filters" on the left and make sure you do not have checked "Exclude my hides".
answered 5 days ago by Jakuje (Moderator) (81,500 points)
Der Filter "Exclude my hides" ist nicht angewält.